Zombie Tsunami Mod APK 4.5.128 | Download Unlocked everything

The game zombie tsunami mod apk is an adventurous game. That will provide a good quantity of levels to the gamers. Also, each group of tsunami apk will bring different challenges and tasks to play. Players will have various weapons and equipment to participate in the massive wars against zombies.

 Fortunately, the zombie game is available for both Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a high-end device, so if you won’t enjoy something thrilling and full of adventure, download the zombie tsunami max level apk.

About Zombie Tsunami Mod APK:

The game is about the war between you and the thousands of zombies. Additionally, you’ll get a massive range of features to knock them down and save the world. Zombies will be as powerful in the zombie tsunami apk todo desbloqueado as you’ll be. So, underestimating them will get you lost in the game.

 Moreover, you’ll get access to all the features to use any of them anytime you need. Meanwhile, gameplay will keep providing you with new objects. However, all these objects players can use while fighting.

Features OF Zombie Tsunami Mod APK:

Ten Plus Types Of Ninjas:

You know that you won’t enter a game to kill zombies but turn humans into zombies. Also, you can turn all the zombies into Ninjas and UFOs. Also, players will have many options to turn them into more powerful creators.


Players will have pets in the game, and these pets will help them perform well while collecting zombies to earn more coins. Also, they can raise pets as well by buying eggs. Though, they will be divided into levels. Such as usual to legends. When players reach a specific group, they’ll have legendary pets with new characteristics and skills.

More Than 300 Missions:

The thing that makes any game addictive is the challenges and missions. This game is exciting because gamers will have more than 300 missions to complete. In each upcoming mission, gameplay will become more exciting and addictive. Additionally, all these missions will keep you connected with the gameplay.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Diamond, Money, And Gems:

As the main character, you’re going to enter a world full of zombies, where you won’t see many humans but zombies, and to survive among these zombies, you’ll need many things, and for that, you’ll need diamonds, money, and gems to purchase from the game’s shop.

So, zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited gems, diamonds, and zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited money will help you to buy all these items. Also, no. matter how much you spend, zombie tsunami mod apk unlimited money and gems will never finish.

Everything Unlocked:

Everything will unlock for whatever players will own in the zombie Tsunami apk todo. Though all. Other zombie games provide features but all. The sound features you’ll. See it as a premium, and you’ll have to pay to unlock it. But this zombie tsunami game won’t ask. You have to pay for anything because you won’t see any premium feature.

All the features are already unlocked, and there’s nothing locked, not even a single feature. Moreover, zombie tsunami mod apk unlocked all items players will have an unlimited quantity. Why not try other games, like: Vector Mod Apk.

Unlimited Birds:

If you think that the game is limited to just humans and zombies, then you’re wrong because this game is more than that. Players will try their best to turn every human into a zombie, and they can do it in a better way when they’ll have unlimited birds because they can turn birds into zombies, and then all the birds will help players turn humans into zombies. That’s why zombie tsunami mod apk unlock all birds to provide players the best.

Everything Is Free:

Players will get everything free. As the zombie tsunami mod apk all unlocked the latest version will provide you with many reasons to keep yourself connected with the game. Also, the zombie tsunami mod apk all unlocked features won’t ask anyone to pay anything. Not even a single penny.

Gameplay Of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk:

The gameplay is beyond fascinating because this time, you’re not going to kill zombies and save the world, but this time, you’ll be one who’ll destroy the world by then turning every single human into a zombie for your sake. Moreover, you’ll get birds, which will help you turn humans into zombies. Additionally, you’ll get many new locations, maps, and more to make this gameplay super exciting.

Download Guide:

  1. Download the game by clicking on the download link.
  2. Allow unknown sources if you want a successful installation.
  3. Wait until the apk file downloads.
  4. Then from the file manager, find a downloaded game file and download the Apk file.
  5. Enjoy the world of zombies.

What’s New?

You’ll see many new changes in this modified version. Developers have brought much more to it. You will have many new features and objects to fight against these zombies. However, the new modes of this game will make it super thrilling. So, zombie tsunami, download pc and enjoy it on your big screen.  


There’s no specific number of birds because players will get access to unlimited birds.

Gamers will have more than 300 missions to enjoy.

Yeah, unlike other zombie games, it’s not unsafe. It’s fully secure and safe for your device.

Yes, you’ll get a zombie tsunami redeem code.


If you want to avail yourself of real fun, then this mod apk is the best option. Also, gamers will get everything unlocked and unlimited. The gameplay is entirely different and unique from all other zombie games. Because this time, you won’t be a protector but a destroyer of humankind.

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