Super City Mod APK 2.000.64 | Unlimited Power/Unlocked All)

Mat Dickie developed the original version of super city mod apk. He developed it for both Android and iOS devices. It’s his biggest game of all. Also, it’s an online play game specially made for those who make themselves feel like a hero. However, the gameplay will have 120 more heroes, and you’ll play any of them as teenagers and youngsters like to call themselves a hero.

So, they like this game, and that’s how it got more than 20 million downloads from gamers. But the super city was not free of cost, so many gamers never get a chance to play the original version because most of them can’t afford to pay for the game. That’s why later developers bring super city apk mod.

About super city Mod APK:

It’s the hack version of a very well-known game. Though it’s a hacked version still, it has seen more success than all the other versions and all other games based on heroes. Over a million people are currently enjoying it, and almost all of them have become addicted to the game.

Although the gameplay is still similar to the original version, the developers made many changes to make it more realistic and incredible. Additionally, they succeeded in their goal, and the whole gaming community liked this version. So, if you want to avail everything free of cost, then super city apk download and enjoy the fullest.

What’s New?

Super city special edition apk is more advanced and far better compared to other games. Additionally, developers have added all the new features and modes. Moreover, players will enjoy new hero characters—however, the original one has limited characters.

Meanwhile, super city mod apk 2022 has many new characters. Also, if you’ve played any previous edition, you’ll find it more amazing and advanced among all, and you’ll see more new stuff in the gameplay.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money And Gold:

Money and gold have become a basic need of any gameplay. Usually, gamers have to pay real money to avail everything in any game. That’s why most gamers couldn’t play their favorite games. But, download super city mod apk and get access to unlimited gold and money.

Additionally, unlike other games, there will be no requirement to use this given money and gold in any specific quantity; otherwise, it’ll be finished because these will never finish. Even after using it a hundred times. Moreover, you can also enjoy another game through this link Genshin Impact MOD APK. Let’s dive into the excellent features of this game.


The graphics will make you feel like old-time games because it has 2D graphics. Also, illustrations, images, effects, and everything are as realistic as possible. In short, players will be able to understand everything they’ll have in it. The 2D graphics will also help players connect with the gameplay quickly. However, there are a variety of characters, but because of the quality graphics, they all will look real, and that’s how players’ interest in the game will increase.

Unlocked All Characters:

You know that gamers will have more than 120 characters. Every character will have great superpowers, and each character’s superpower will be different from the others. So that players can enjoy a variety of superpowers. Additionally, all those amazing hero characters are unlocked and ready to serve you. Unlike the original version, players won’t get limited characters unlocked, and most of them are locked. So, it’s better to choose a super city full-game mod apk to enjoy.

Free Of Cost:

Nothing comes for free in this current era, but you can still get enjoyment, amusement, and adventure free of cost. Yes, if you play mdickie super city mod apk, you’ll have unlimited fun. Additionally, you’ll have many more to do in it without paying a single penny. However, other games with the same game plot ask gamers to pay a handsome amount if they want to have fun but not this game. It’ll provide unlimited adventure free of cost.

Other Features:

Create Your Hero Character:

In the super city online game, players will have the opportunity to create their heroes. They can customize them in any way. They can choose anything for their hero characters, such as their costume, superpowers, moves, etc. Players can add anything to the character that comes to their minds. Also, they can create a variety of characters to freshen up their mind and kill their boredom.

Fight With Other Heroes:

You know that you’ll play among other varieties of heroes. So, you’ll have to fight with them to survive. Moreover, you can use your character’s superpowers to put your enemies down. Also, you can find them with the help of super city sahiwal map.


The gameplay of super city full game mod apk is very easy to understand as players will have full control of everything to be free to do anything.

Such as choosing their character among various characters, choosing any superpower. Moreover, if they don’t want to fight, they can enjoy customizing different characters. They can customize better superheroes than Marvel and hulk. Additionally, everything, including elements, characters, accessories, players, will be unlocked and free.

Download Guide:

  1. Download the game by choosing the download option.
  2. Go to the security of your device and check if an unknown source is disabled, then enable it.
  3. The file manager will have a folder of your download game; from their installation, the Apk file 
  4. Enjoy.


You’ll have more than 150 characters in this game.

You can customize characters by choosing their outfits to choose their superpowers.

There will be two classes of characters, Heroes and villains.

Players can use tools, such as golf, axes, swords, and more.


Enjoy being a better hero than Marvel and Hulk in super city mod apk. Customized characters by using all the given stuff like never before and enjoy as much as possible.

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