SLITHER IO MOD APK 1.8.5 (Invisible Skin & God Mode)

Lowtech Studios was the publisher of the original version of Slither IO mod apk developed by Steve Howse. It was released back in March 2016. Right after it was released, it got famous worldwide. Gamers immensely liked its gameplay, which made it a huge hit.

Additionally, at that time, over 10 million people downloaded this game as they found it very addictive and exciting. Though it had many pros that caught the immediate attention of everyone at the same time, people found many cons as well. The game started losing its users at that moment, and that’s how developers decided to bring slither io mod apk 1.6.

About Slither Io Mod Apk:

The slither io mod apk download on your devices if you’re looking for a game that you can play anytime, anywhere while sticking in traffic, or you want to pass your time. Additionally, the slither io mod apk android is way better than all other versions and all the other games with the same game plot.

Over 50 million people have played slither io apk mod for so long. You’ll find the modified one better and more advanced than the slither io. However, the number of downloads shows the level of it. If you want to find out what makes this game so special, download the apk and play it. You’ll certainly become a fan of it.


Customize Snake Color:

Players will be able to customize the color of the snakes. Each player will have the option of changing the color of their snakes, and all these colors will be beautiful. Moreover, players will get all the snake skins unlocked from the beginning. So, if you want to enjoy all these attractive skins, then slither io apk download for pc and get yourself into the colorful world of snakes.

Auto Play:

The best thing about slither io apk mod immortal is that if players get busy while playing, they can choose auto-play. That’s how the gameplay won’t stop and wherever the player receives free, they can continue playing. However, you won’t get this brilliant feature in any other game. Now it’s your time to download Slither IO Apk to avail this feature.

Customizing Background:

With the help of this fantastic feature, gamers will be able to change the game’s location. They’ll have many options for customizing and personalizing backgrounds according to their likes and dislikes. It is one of the hundred games that provides background customization.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

Money is the main asset of slither io apk iphone. The gameplay will provide everyone with a wide range of items and stuff related to gameplay. Though no other edition of the game will give unlimited money, slither io mod apk big snake will provide complete access to unlimited money. Moreover, in this game unlimited money will never end as it’ll be available in total quantity.

Ads Free:

Watching ads is very annoying and exhausting at the same time, and due to these ads, many big games have lost many of their users. But slither io mod apk no ads policy will feel like heaven. Even slither io apk windows 7 won’t show a single ad to the users. That’s why you should download snake io mod apk.

Unlimited Health, Skin, And Mass:

Players are going to play the character of a snake. So, you’ll have to take care of the snake at any cost. You’ll have to look after many things, such as the snake skin, snake mass, and snake health. That’s why slither io mod apk unlimited health, slither io mod apk unlimited mass, and slither io mod apk invisible skin will help you to look after your snake correctly. You’ll get everything unlimited so that it can be used total times.

Unlimited Speed:

The snake will have to run, run and run. It requires unlimited speed for the snake to run faster. So, slither io mod apk unlimited speed will provide. So that snake can run faster in a much possible way. Moreover, the more the snake runs faster, the more it’ll go forward.


The gameplay is very colorful and funky, where players will choose to change snake colors and background colors. Additionally, gameplay will provide unlimited money, skin, mass, and health. And gamers can select anything from the games shop. Moreover, it’s straightforward, so everyone can understand it and play it.

Also, if you’ve never played any snake game, you can still play it like a boss. Though slither io codes will be available, you can get these codes quickly, which will help you raise your snake’s speed. And last but not least, anyone can play it offline because the slither io offline option is also available.

Download Guide:

  1. Download it through the link you’ll get after the article.
  2. Wait until the download is complete.
  3. Through the setting>security, enable unknown sources.
  4. After following all the requirements mentioned above, install the apk file from the file manager.
  5. Enjoy all the colorful snakes with the funky background.

What’s New?

If you compare it with other editions, you’ll surely see the significant differences, and you’ll find it more vulnerable and unique. Additionally, gamers will enjoy a variety of new features, and, most importantly, there won’t be any premium features because everything you’ll get is unlocked and unlimited. Moreover, there won’t be any bugs or viruses that could harm your devices. You may also like: War Robots Mod Apk


You can increase the speed of your snake by using unlimited speed from the given features, and the rate will automatically increase.

Yeah, everyone will get unlimited skin of snakes in it.

No, it doesn’t charge a single penny from anyone. It’s free from downloading to using all the features.

Yeah, everyone will get a variety of backgrounds, and they can use any background color between them.


Give yourself relaxation and download this mod apk and play it everywhere to pass your time reasonably. While waiting in the queue, waiting in traffic, you can play it anywhere.

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