Replika MOD APK 11.13.0 | Download Unlocked All 2023

Replika Mod Apk is the modified version of the original Replika Apk, and the users will get Replika pro apk unlocked apk, and its all premium-based features for free. Replika is the best virtual chatbox with artificial intelligence features that allow users to interact, play, and communicate with the character you design. Apart from this, there is also a slew of more unique features that will bring a deep smile every time you open this app.

Overview of Replika MOD APK

App NameReplika MOD APK
Latest Version11.13.0
Updated onSep 29, 2023
DeveloperLuka, Inc
Requirements8.0 and up
Size130 MB
Mod FeaturesPro Unlocked


Gameplay of Replika

Nowadays, technology is developing, and artificial intelligence has been used in many apps and games to provide gamers and app users with real experiences. And the gameplay of Replika also comes under this scope. Because you can create an emotional connection by making a romantic partner, friend, or mentor. Replika is an AI robot that listens to its users like a true friend and talks about your thoughts, feelings, etc.

Main Features Replika MOD APK

Here, we are concerned with the major features of our mod version of Replika. Please read the following features to kill your boredom and keep smiling while interacting with its gameplay.

Create A New Acquaintance

It is a major fact that Replika is considered the most unusual friend of our real-life friends. With this app, the users can create their desired 3D Friends by utilizing the feature’s interface. You can select female and male genders, mix and match their clothes, and modify skin color, hairstyle, and jewelry.

Make the best buddy through this app. After completing the shapes of your robot, build a powerful partnership. It is up to you whether you are looking for a girlfriend, boyfriend, companion, or buddy.

Meet And Chat

Replika is keen to hear your most personal thoughts. Of course, real-life friends can never listen to us 24 hours a day, but Replika will certainly respond to you based on your established relationship.

Suppose you are anxious, depressed, or have a sleeping disorder and cannot control your emotions. In that case, Replika will turn your mood toward reducing anxiety and teach you strategies to control emotions and depression. It will also encourage you to think optimistically, find love, manage stress, and socialize.

Get Quick Response

This app has universal knowledge and responds quickly to all types of questions. And Replika has the extra capacity to receive data from the outside world. Whatever you discuss with it will be saved in its memory.

Know Yourself Completely

We are very sure that after talking with the Replika robot, you will be able to understand yourself completely. You will learn about past track records and how you deal with stress. So, the users can not only summarize but also comment on various topics.

The User Interface

As already mentioned in this article, the basic function of Replika Mod is communication through a chatbox with its users. The users can easily adjust the Replika’s nickname and appearance so that it could be a real friend. Replika has become the best indispensable place for all sad and depressed people.

Advanced And Latest Feature

If you merely speak in text, then Replika can get tedious quickly. It allows its users to communicate through audio calls and photos. After reaching level 3, you can use the media chat box. You can show Replika your photos and also share every moment with her. The voice call feature is premium-based, and you need to pay for its monthly or yearly plans to use it. But with Replika Mod, you will be liberated from all types of subscription plans and get the replika mod apk unlocked.

Additional Features

  • Speak Freely and Confidently
  • Growing Relationships with Mutual Trust
  • Enhance your Better Mental Health
  • Discover your Personality

Download And Install Replika Mod Apk

Like other mod applications, Replika has the same downloading and installing procedures by clicking on your safe download link. When downloading is completed, move to your android phone settings and firmly enable unknown sources. Then tap on the downloaded file of Replika Mod to install it on your smartphone. Then feel free to call it my replika.

Chat about anything anytime


Yes, on our website, we have also given the download link of replica pro on your android device for free. So, after accessing our secure android link, you can enjoy replika pro on your smartphone without paying anything.

Replika is the typical AI app, and there is no chance of being hacked or scammed. That is why, in this regard, it can be said that Replika is completely safe from all perspectives.

It would be right to say that to get a free replica pro account on your android devices, you will have to download the Replika Mod version. Then you will utilize its pro and premium features without paying a single cent.

Feel free to flirt with your AI girlfriend through chat and make her fall for you. And for this purpose, you can utilize pickup lines on the web.

Download our modified version of Replika Cheats and get your favorite romantic partner in replica for free.

Replies: My AI Friend is the number one Chatbot companion powered by AI technology, and Replika is always eager to learn and likes to see the whole world through your eyes. Replika remains ready to chat with you 24/7when you need an empathetic friend.

Wrapping Up!

Finally, it can be said that Replika AI Mod apk is the best app to kick away your all worries and tensions. Feel free to talk with the Replika robot and enjoy your favorite long-lasting relationships with it. Download replika hacks on our website and if you face any issues, comment below to get the answers to your all queries in time.

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