Naruto Senki Mod Apk 2.1.4 (All Characters Unlocked)[2022]

Fighting-based games gamers are fond of playing these days. Also, fighting anime games is most likely among the fighting game themes. Usually, they are famous not only for the intense gameplay but because of the animation. Additionally, makers are developing fighting games based on anime to feature renowned anime shows. They usually pick characters from any animated show that gain massive applause from people worldwide. Famous animated characters also inspire Naruto Shippuden Senki mod apk.

About The Naruto Senki Mod Apk:

Well, this is the hack version of naruto Senki beta. After the naruto Senki release, most gamers forgot about the original version. Hence, this is a fighting-based game that is themed as animation. Also, players will get to enjoy their favorite animated characters in ultimate ninja, naruto arcs. Due to this game, the animated shows that were the inspiration before developing the game got more popularity and more viewers. 

What’s New?

Although, everything is almost the same as the original. Version. Nevertheless, you will find it more adventurous and enjoyable to play. However, the hack version of naruto Senki mod apk download is the best of among naruto Senki all versions. Players will never get into any problem that naruto Rasengan causes. It is one of the most advanced anime fighting games that are clear and clean from viruses and errors.


Unlocked All Characters:

All the naruto Senki full characters are unlocked in the hack version of naruto Senki games. Meanwhile, you won’t get them unlocked in any other version. Lots of your favorite characters are available in it. Such as Rock Lee, Gaara, Minato, Hinata, Naruto, Choji, Kakashi, Pain, Sakura, Orochimaru, Deidara, and many of them. Also, Naruto Senki mod apk all characters are opened so that you can choose any for yourself.

Upgrade The Characters:

In naruto anime download, you will have the ability to upgrade your characters’ skills. Like, you will have access to allies and troops. You can use this site anytime. Additionally, whenever you get stuck in any dangerous situations, you will use them to help you to overcome the problem.

Offline Mode:

Like all other advanced fighting games, Sasuke road to ninja also has various modes. One of the most precious modes is offline mode. That means you can enjoy the game without having an internet connection. Even if you have internet access, you can still choose not to use it to help your battery work more time than usual. Also, Take A Look At This MOD As Well: Call Of Duty Mod Apk.

Skills of Characters:

All the animated characters in naruto mode apk offline will have unique skills and abilities. Each character will play like a pro. However, all the animated characters in the show play different vital parts, and all of them show them any particular skill. So, the same will happen in the Senki games version. Like, Naruto will also perform clone attacks and wind attacks.


2D graphics of this game is also according to the other features. It’s as good as other mod features of Sasuke Chidori. Enjoy the real-life effects of animated graphics to the fullest.

Unlimited Coins:

That’s the central part of any game that players will buy the stuff they will need in fighting to win. So, due to the naruto Senki mod unlimited coins, it’s straightforward for the players to purchase anything in the Naruto Shippuden Senki mod apk.

Different Levels:

Generally, players can get easily bored if they keep playing the same levels in any game. Meanwhile, in this, players are going to have different stories. Every time they will complete the level. The next class will be other and better than the previous one. 

Fully Controlled By The Players:

Being the leading character player will have complete control in this game. They can use navigational pads the way they want. Like, using the directions they want, that’s all player’s choices. 

Keep Alive The Legacy:

The fighting and the purpose of war came from the legacy. So, it’s the player’s responsibility to keep that legacy alive. That’s how they and the next decade can enjoy the legendary battles that the characters have followed.


Download naruko senki for pc or naruko senki android. Enjoy this epic action RPG gameplay on whatever device you use to keep. Apart from Naruko, all the other characters belong to a specific hidden village. You will have to fight with the other enemies. That is how you can keep alive your legacies that have been coming for ages. Also, at each level, you will have to perform better than ever.

Download Guide:

  1. Firstly, make sure that your device allows a third party.
  2. Go to the settings and search for unknown sources; that’s how your device can download game applications from sources.
  3. Touch on the download option that is consistently given below.
  4. You can download it without doing it through the play store.
  5. After downloading, make sure that you don’t have any previous version in your device.


Yes, surely it is a completely safe game. The developer will never harm you.

Yes, you will be the main character of the game, is Naruto.

No, it’s not necessary. You can do it by simply following the download link and allowing unknown sources from your device’s setting.

No, you won’t have to. All the characters are already unlocked.


Being a player is the best opportunity to enjoy animated characters fighting games. naruko senki mod apk is full of adventure where you will have access to lots of different skills and abilities. It will help you to polish your gaming fighting skills as well. Additionally, you don’t need to have internet or real money access. Let’s join this game mode and have a great time.

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