Idle Mafia Mod APK 7.4.0 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

DianDian Interactive holding made the original version of idle mafia mod apk. Also, it was released in Feb 2020 worldwide. The gameplay was quite rebellious and unique. That’s why it caught the attention of the whole gaming community. Especially the youngsters. It completed around a million downloads right after it was released within a few days.

Also, it’s getting popular not in any specific country, but it got famous worldwide among the youngster. Additionally, even those people who download this never play a game. But still, gamers found some issues in the game. That’s why developers brought the idle mafia mod version.

About Idle Mafia Mod APK:

The idle mod apk is the hacked modded version of idle mafia’s original version. The original version got incredible download numbers right after it was released, even though something was missing. But, the hacked modded has everything so, you can imagine it’s a success. It’s even got more successful than the original one.

Youngsters like this gameplay because they’re getting a chance to play a character of a mafia boss capable of performing all the illegal activities without getting caught by the cops. Moreover, you’re going to enjoy the power in the idle mafia mod.

What’s New?

As you know, something was missing in the original version because the developers brought another version. Also, the mafia apk has everything that you could ever wish for it. Also, developers made more features, especially when they unlocked all the premium features in the game.

Though the mod features were available in the original version, players also have to pay real money to open them as they all are locked. Moreover, the mafia download hacked version on your devices enjoyed all the premium features and new features and got all of its fully bugs-free.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money And Coins:

Being a gangster and mafia boss in-game mafia Android, players should have money and coins to be more powerful and buy anything they need in the game. So, the money mafia downloads and accesses unlimited coins and cash. Additionally, as the quantity is total, players should have to worry about the amount because no matter how much they spend, the clubs and the money will never end. 

No Ads:

That’s another reason that players don’t like to play the original version because they have to watch annoying ads while playing the game and if they want to stop the ads. Hence, they have to pay the real money first, but the idle mafia cheats version offers ads-free gameplay to all the gaming community.

Players can enjoy epic gameplay without disturbing themselves with such annoying ads. Mafia inc idle tycoon mod apk download if you want to enjoy the ad’s-free gameplay. Also, Take A Look At This MOD As Well: Train Station 2 MOD APK.

Unlocked All The Levels:

In other versions, players can’t go directly to any specific group. They have to play all the levels. But in the mafia empire mod apk being a mafia tycoon, players can now play any story they like to play first. All the exciting levels, along with epic gameplay, are fully available. Additionally, players will get all the levels to unlock initially, so they don’t have to pay anything in idle mafia glitch to open them.

Everything Unlocked And Free:

Whatever you’re going to get in the best capos in the idle mafia, everything will unlock. It won’t be unlike the other versions, where most features get locked and ask players to play first. Also, the game idle mafia tycoon manager mod apk provides everything free of cost players can enjoy idle mafia mod apk free shopping every time without spending real money.

Be A Mafia Boss:

You can play being a mafia boss in idle mafia hile. Also, you are the well-known person in your city where everyone is afraid of you. Additionally, you’ll have money and power, and everyone scare of your name because you’re capable of doing everything in the city, and there’s no other powerful boss than you.

Illegal Activities:

As you’re a gangster in mafia mods, you will allow doing everything to enjoy the gameplay entirely. Also, all the illegal activities you can perform as shilling, snatching, kidnapping.

Moreover, you can earn money by performing such activities, and you can use this money in anything such as any illegal business to make more.

Build Any Business And Earn:

You can build any business. It could be illegal as well. Additionally, you can earn money by plotting any illegal trade, and this money will help you buy any weapon or any other thing. The more you’ll make, the more you’ll become powerful, and people will be more afraid of you. Also, cops will chase you as well, but as you’re powerful so you can put them down as well.


The gameplay of mafia apk is very adventurous and exciting, where you can perform all the illegal activities that you can’t imagine doing in real life. So, perform all it in the game because it will provide you with all the sources to complete anything being a mafia boss. Additionally, you’ll have unlimited money and coins, so don’t worry about spending money.

Download Guide:

  1. The link is right below the article. Click on it.
  2. They enabled “Unknown sources” to get permission to download another party game file.
  3. After complete downloading, install the Apk file for the android device.
  4. A good internet connection will take a few minutes to download.
  5. Enjoy being a gangster.


Being a mafia boss, you’re capable of performing lots of illegal activities, such as snatching, killing, breaking laws, illicit trades, and more.

You don’t have to pay anything for the premium feature as they will be unlocked free from the beginning.

This hacked modified version is undoubtedly better than the original one because it’s entirely free of cost. Meanwhile, you’ll have to pay for the original version.

Yes, you can build any illegal business as well to earn money.


Enjoy the epic gameplay and see yourself as a gangster in idle mafia mod apk. Also, enjoy doing everything you want because no one will dare you to stop doing anything in this game.

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