FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK 3.3.0 (Unlock all characters)

Steve Jackson and Philip reed developed the original version of frag mod apk. They’re also the game publisher and released it a long ago in 2001 when summer hits. Also, they choose the best designer to design the game’s illustration, Alex Fernandez. The most exciting part is the meaning of Frag is “a successful kill,” so now you can guess the gameplay.

Back in that era, not many advanced games were available, and they released the shooting match at that time. So it is evident that it’s going to catch the gaming community’s attention, and that’s what happened. Gamers million of quantity downloaded this game and enjoyed it a lot. But I. The current pace gamers wanted an advanced edition according to the present technology. That’s why developers brought frag mod apk. 

About FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK

The current edition of frag shooter game is one of the most delicate and incredible shooting games. That deserves a lot of applause because if you see the number of downloads it got in a short time is unbelievable. All the gamers have become addicted to frag game as the gameplay is full of challenges.

So it’s liked by this current generation—especially the people who love to boast their strength by playing such games. Also, you’ll find this edition bests among all. So, if you’ve not played it yet, then frag download apk and enjoy it to the fullest.

App NameFRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK
Latest Version3.2.0
Updated onNov 15, 2022
DeveloperOh BiBi
Requirements5.1 and up
Mod Features-Unlimited coins
-Unlimited diamonds


Features of FRAG Pro Shooter APK

Upgrade and customize characters:

You’ll play the main character, so you’ll have all the commands in the game. You will get all the elements used in the customization of any shooter, and that’s how you’ll be able to customize your character.

Moreover, gamers will get upgrade options in huge quantities. So, you can choose any upgrade or ability for your personality. Furthermore, you cannot just only customize and upgrade your characters but all the characters that will fight from your side.

More than 70 characters:

The quantity of characters is pretty cool. Players will get more than 70 characters in this gameplay. Also, frag mod apk has unlocked all characters already, so gamers don’t need to do anything to unlock them. Additionally, all these characters will follow you. You’ll lead them as a leader, and together you’ll try your best to knock the other party down.

Features of FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK

Unlimited Ammo:

It’s a shooting game, so the thing player will be needed the most is Ammo. However, every shooting game provides a good quantity of Ammo in exchange for real cash. That’s why not everyone affords to play these games. Still, frag pro shooter mod menu platinmods will allow players unlimited Ammo.

Players can use infinite Ammo while shooting without getting worried about the quantity of Ammo. Feel free to shoot towards your target, no matter how much Ammo it takes.

Unlimited Diamond:

All games have any specific currency that players can buy from real money. All these buying currencies they can use to make purchases in the game. If you want access to unlimited diamonds through the help of frag mod apk (download unlimited diamonds), you can get anything from the game’s shop. No other shopping game will offer you to get unlimited money except frag mod menu.

Unlocked All Characters:

Players will get various options while choosing characters because they will have no locked characters. Not a single character will be closed. Additionally, all the characters are unforgettable and have unique abilities, but still, no character is locked. Moreover, players can pick any character in the gameplay before starting the game. Though, they can switch to another character as well.

Free To Play:

Gamers can enjoy frag games without having money, so if you’re one who loves shooting games but couldn’t get a chance to play them due to financial issues. Then download FRAG FOR PC and enjoy everything free of cost. However, it’s the most advance and challenging shooting game still. You can have it free of charge. Such as frag mod apk unlocked all characters, unlimited diamond, Ammo, etc. 


All you have is intense gameplay with a variety of freebies. You’ll have to fight with your army against the other party. Also, don’t fool yourself with the thought that another party is weak because your opponents will be as powerful as you.

Moreover, both will try their best to knock each other down. So, you’ll have to lead your army like a warrior at that point. That’s how the game will make you feel like a protector and leader who lead the whole army. Also, Try This enjoyable Game Archero Mod Apk

Download Guide:

  1. You’ll have the button for download after this article.
  2. Select the option of download.
  3. Until the download completes, make sure that you have enabled “Unknown sources” on your device.
  4. Later Install the Apk file to enjoy the most fantastic shooting game.

What’s New?

Suppose you compare the frag mod apk or any other previous one with the frag mod apk latest version. In that case, you’ll surely see the prominent differences because developers have a variety of new elements in frag apk. Also, to make it more addictive, the number of challenges has increased, and the number of freebies has increased. If you don’t want to play Frag on mobile devices, then frag download for pc and play.

You are going to be less than 70 characters. So you better get ready to be a leader.

You’ll get the army of enemies. So, you have to keep shooting toward them. Kill as much as you can to win the war.

It’s one of the most mat-worthy games to play. Because it’s providing the full service free of cost and all the services are advanced. 

Yeah, the frag game app is fully secure and safe to download.


Enjoy the most epic shooting game where you’ll get a chance to be a leader of the army. So, download frag mod apk and become addicted to the game.

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