Covet Fashion Mod APK | Download (Unlimited Money) 2023

During these stressful times, we all want something that can take us away from the day’s frustration and give us some emotional relief. There are a lot of mod APK action games, but mostly those games are for boys. Today we will discuss an amazing game called covet fashion mod APK girls or boys love to play it.

It would be best to download and play this game since it will help you explore your fashion sense. The APK mod version of this game gives you free access to dresses, accessories, unlimited diamonds, and even cash.

About Covet Fashion Mod APK:

This game is one of the most demanding fashion games in the world. Most players love that you can create your avatar and then dress it in branded clothes and accessories. From time to time in this game, you will be getting a chance to participate in different fashion competitions where you will get an opportunity to compete with the participants worldwide. So, this competition is the way to choose the candidate with the best fashion style.

Through the mod APK version, you will have unlimited cash and diamond and a specific theme to dress up your avatar. Apart from being a candidate, you can also choose a judge to judge all the competitors. further, in this game, you will be having a wonderful experience with the best graphics giving you a feeling like playing in real life. You can even earn as much money through playing covet fashion as you can use to travel throughout the world and show off your fashion skills.

Features Of Covet Fashion Mod APK:

This gameplay in covet fashion is one of the best things about this game, featuring a lot of amazing features.

Styling Perfect Outfit:

The very interesting feature of this game is styling the perfect outfit for your avatar. You will get hundreds of glamorous items like clothes, makeup kits, hairstyles, and accessories that can be used to design your avatar as the best fashion model. Also, players can try each item to look gorgeous and win the competition.

Voting On Different Models:

You will be getting a chance to vote on different avatars and suggest the hottest covet fashion designer. Move over, many other players also vote on your fashion outfits. As well as this voting system engages the fashion community with each other, and maybe they make you the hottest covet fashion designer.

Chance To Play With Friends And Family:

This game is a kind of society in which you can invite your friends and family on Facebook. Also, you can even show them your design sense and invite them to celebrate your success.

Get Unlimited Cash And Diamonds:

There are premium tools in the mod APK version of covet fashion that can be purchased using cash and diamonds. Indeed, the APK version gives you covet fashion mod apk unlimited cash and diamonds to buy the premium tools and use them while playing.

Shop Latest Brands And Style:

Through this game, you will get a chance to work with the world’s best designers and use their branded items to dress up your avatar. Moreover, You may also like: Minion Rush Mod Apk It is one of the most popular game.

The game covet fashion mod APK has a partnership with various brands, which allows them to do the latest updates in their accessories and outfits. Thereby, you get a chance to shop items from 170 different brands.

What Are The Steps For Installing The Covet Fashion Mod APK?

You can easily install covet fashion mod APK on your android device; you need to follow a few steps given below:

  1. Covet fashion mod APK can be easily downloaded by clicking on the given link.
  2. If you already have the old version on your phone, you have to uninstall it before installing the latest version.
  3. Activate the unknown sources in the settings by opening the security menu.
  4. If you plan to install the game, make sure your computer has enough storage.
  5. Select the storage location where you want your game to be installed.
  6. Download the file by clicking the link and waiting for it to complete.
  7. Covet fashion mod APK downloaded successfully. You can now install it by clicking on it.
  8. Open the game and follow the instructions to start playing.

FAQs About Covet Fashion Mod APK:

Before playing any game, there are a lot of questions that come to our minds. thereby, in our answers, we have answered some common questions; hopefully, they are helpful.

No, you can’t play covet fashion mod APK offline. Further, you need a proper stable connection to play the game.

Adding friends and competing with them requires that you already have friends on your Facebook account. Likewise, you can play with them automatically after adding them.

The answer is no, you can’t change the look. In the same way, if you want to change the look, you have to open your game using another ID.

There is an option in the game that covets fashion mod APK called covet subreddit; click on it to get advice from different candidates.

Yes, using the free version is completely safe and legal there isn’t any bug to harm your device.


If you are a fashion lover, then surely you will love to play covet fashion mod APK. Because you get a chance to use branded clothes, accessories, and makeup to make your avatar win the fashion competition.

Through the look of your avatar, you can be the best covet fashion mod APK designer. In addition to this, the player can take votes from your family and friends and show them your fashion skills.

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